Breathless Romance Presents Melissa

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Slipping out of my heels and enjoying a glass of wine, I await your call. My day at the boutique, although filled with wonderful girly things and pretty women, makes for some lonely, quiet evenings. I long for the gentle touch of a man, his caressing fingers sending shivers up my spine as his touch lingers over my nylons and onto my thighs.

Will you be that man? The one to kiss, to hold, to fondle, to touch, to make love with?

Will you be the one who will whisper dirty thoughts in my ear and make my body ache as we take each other's breath away? Can we share our sexual fantasies and secrets and maybe explore a few together?

Let me be the woman who makes your heart race and fulfills your desires for passion. Let it be me that makes your heart race. If only for our stolen moments together, I want to take your breath away... one sensual stroke at a time.